About Us

La Deux is a specialist in voguish furniture and decorative lighting. Founded in Hong Kong 2012, we aspire to curate exquisite pieces from renowned designers and brands in Europe as well as in Americas for the pursuit of pleasure in living.

It has been our pleasure to be recognised as a pioneer in the field. Our assortments of furniture pieces and lightings are perfect embodiments of excellence in all aspects. From their choices of materials and exquisite designs to their fine craftsmanship entailed in such creations, we see the value of aiming for the best of the best in every product. The visions of the brands we have been collaborating with over the years are what we put emphasis on as well. Aesthetics, durability and purity, to name a few, are some wonderful qualities that we seek in brands that we partner with. Just as how precisely each facet of a diamond is and has to be cut, we seek perfection in all aspects of a product. These merits are invisible to the eye but are necessitated in pieces that brings delight in living. The pièce de résistance of our selections is their imperfect beauty that could only be sculptured with time and polished by their surrounding environment. This is what makes each piece uniquely enchanting. For this reason, we pride ourselves on our expertise in selecting luxury durable goods that carry a soul. The beauty of these pieces lies not only on the surface – they come with depths, in the way of how they make us feel.